YEAR: 2020

A personal protest against the tightening of Abortion Laws In Poland. This poster was created to support the Polish Women’s Strike (Polish: Ogólnopolski Strajk Kobiet) – a women’s rights social movement, responsible for the organization of Black Monday, a protest action involving various forms of strike that took place simultaneously in 147 Polish cities, towns and villages. The project shows that even the dictator’s cat (symbolising the pussy) is on strike. Moja Pusia, Nie Jarusia translates more or less to My Pussy, not Jarosław’s (Jarosław Kaczyński – leader of the ruling right-wing party pressing for a full abortion ban), which appears in the famous slogan my pussy, my choice. Typography resembling the hand-drawn Fraktur font that was used on the cover of Hitler’s 1924 memoir Mein Kampf (a typeface that gained popularity with the rise of nationalism in Germany in the 19th century).


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