SERVICE: art direction, photo edition, dieline design, materials consultancy, production

General Catalogue, Sample Box, and Pattern Box for Acustio – a brand specializing in acoustic, sound-absorbing panels & design objects. The Catalogue covers the scope of the brand’s mission, vision, team, and projects, including photos, product & swatch listing, technological graphs, and illustrations. The book block is bound in the Swiss binding method with a recycled raw paper cover, making it a perfect representation of the brand’s sustainable philosophy. The editorial design is complemented by a Pattern and Sample Box designed to provide a better understanding of the product range and function, as well as to showcase physical samples and material swatches. The layout design was customized to meet the specific needs of Acustio, helping to facilitate communication and collaboration between designers, architects, and clients. Collaboration with Olek Modzelewski (, Creative Director: Aleksandra Metlewicz. Photos: Migdal Studio for Acustio


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