YEAR: 2021 CLIENT: Kopi

Packaging design for a set of natural handmade incense and a complimentary matchbox for Kopi Home. A jewellery and home accessory designer approached me to create a design for her new scent collection, allowing me carte blanche in the artistic direction. The idea of a tarot card aesthetics came up quickly; the composition is inspired by sketches by Fernand Léger, Le Corbusier and Marek Włodarski. Intended to resemble a pack of fortune-telling cards, the illustration is stylistically coherent with the brand’s DNA – Kopi Home identifies itself as a feminine, modern and magical brand.

The bold portrait illustration, filling the front surface of the box, symbolises the many faces of the Kopi Home woman: strong and sensitive, playful and sophisticated. To emphasize the duality of women’s character, soft shapes interweave with a geometric and simplified, coat of arms-like design.


Main Prize: Polish Graphic Design Awards, Advertising and Product Illustration


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