YEAR: 2015 CLIENT: Wajda Studio

End of the world is an intimate auteur documentary in which several stories come together over one evening. On this one night, similar to many others, people in a large city, plagued by loneliness, want to talk to someone. Some call – often unnecessarily – for an ambulance, while others call the radio, where the host asks a question about the end of the world – and what it means to each of us individually. They talk about tragic, painful and sometimes minor, even funny, matters. Noticeable and moving is their great need to talk, to be heard, the need to be with someone next to them. The radio is the unifying motif of this nocturnal world – we hear it in the ambulance, in the city surveillance, where we see the nightlife of the city on dozens of screens. The radio is the film’s common denominator and the centre of the most important questions.


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